ASME Engineering’s success starts and finishes with its people. ASME Engineering’s site, fabrication facility and support teams blend the expertise in their disciplines with the attitude to deliver the company’s core values - an enviable reputation for being proactive, responsive and focused on client satisfaction.

ASME Engineering’s founder and Managing Director Michael Gibbons has made investing in its people a key part of how the business improves and grows. At every level, ASME Engineering’s people are supported to make the most of their abilities and play their part in the next chapter of ASME Engineering’s success. Regular development appraisals, mentorship of graduate recruits and skill development across the workforce have helped ASME Engineering to find the people it needs to grow tomorrow from those it can rely on today.

This same spirit and a desire to deepen the industry’s talent pool, rather than just draw from it, has led ASME Engineering to initiatives like supporting the engineering department of a local school, Salvatorian College in Harrow Weald. Providing donations to the school to purchase machinery, work experience for students and educational trips for students to see a modern steel fabrication facility at work helps to inspire a new generation to see Steel Construction as an attractive and rewarding career.

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