A constant focus of the ASME Engineering Integrated Management System is on ensuring that the business remains responsive to customer needs and industry trends, retains the approachable and collaborative management system these organisations can rely on and exemplifies the flexibility that helps deliver structural steel solutions that fit seamlessly into a successful construction project. The company has yet to identify a suitable external award or awarding body for these values, but achievement of this standard continues to be the biggest source of pride within the company’s senior management. A key principle of the Integrated Management System and all the standards listed above is that ASME Engineering acts to improve based on the information it receives. Feedback from customers, regulators, those working alongside the company, local communities and the wider public is the lifeblood of this process and is sincerely welcomed. If the behaviour or performance of ASME Engineering people, processes or suppliers has exemplified or fallen short of these standards then please let ASME Engineering know so that the company can keep getting better.