Nottinghill Gate

Posted on 6th March 2019 by Brian Egan
2 days 2 crane visits from City Lifting Limited and Bronzeshield Lifting Ltd with the Spierings SK599-AT5 self-erecting mobile crane enabled us to safely unload and land approx. 25T of steel around top level of United House at Notting Hill Gate.

Tricky location to get the crane setup into position with only 40mm between counterweight and existing structures at the tightest point. Great work, from all the team involved from the workshop in loading the trucks well and quick turn around of trucks for second loads, to the site team who planned, set up and executed the lifting with ease. hashtag

TeamASME: Appointed Person/Lift Supervisor: Brian Egan
Slinger Signallers: Dragos Tenea, Milen Todorov and Calin Popa
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