Southbank Tower

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ASME Engineering were very excited to be involved in this impressive mixed use development of luxury apartments, office and retail space overlooking the River Thames in one of the oldest districts of London. ASME Engineering were contracted to supply and install structural steelwork to the podium building in 3 main areas, East core, West core and Central core.

The steelwork was lifted up to the roof level with the site tower crane and was then distributed down to all levels of this podium building using a spider crane. ASME Engineering had to construct a temporary removable bridge unit to cover the access hole, creating a platform to lower the steelwork onto.

The dimensions of the new steelwork coupled with the restricted access made it very challenging to distribute the largest sections to the required levels, as the access opening was 9.2 meters x 2.5 meters while the longest beams were 9 meters and weighed 2 tons. ASME Engineering's AP and lifting team planned and executed the many challenging lifts on this job, successfully and with such accuracy they were presented with a health and safety award.

Steel jackets were also installed around the main structural columns which were made up of two half sections. These sections were lifted into place and welded together on site to form steel jackets around the existing concrete columns. All welds were then fully weld tested.

Contract value:
Southbank, London
18 months
Southbank tower 1 Southbank tower 2 Southbank tower 3