ASME Engineering manages the design, manufacture and construction of steel for a great diversity of market sectors. What motivates ASME Engineering most is the desire to provide the highest possible level of customer satisfaction. It’s a goal which has been achieved repeatedly for a broad range of public and private sector clients throughout Southeast England.

All steelwork produced by ASME Engineering is CE marked in accordance with BS EN 1090-1 Factory Production Control, to achieve European CE Marking. The company’s Quality & Technical Director, and in-house Registered Welding Coordinator (RWC), issues a Declaration of Performance (DoP) to assure the techniques used and guarantee steel characteristics.

Refurbishment can turn classic architecture into a beautiful, more functional, fusion of old and new – and architectural steel should be at the heart of such projects. ASME Engineering have met the needs for a great diversity of quality steel elements, including staircases, cladding, mezzanine floors, column and beam supports, roofs and plant rooms to deliver the architect’s vision and dovetail the modern with the original. ASME Engineering’s proven commitment to the most stringent safety procedures, excellent planning and communication skills, have been crucial when working on live sites using designated access routes and careful management to protect members of the public and scheduled activities into restricted time slots.

For over two decades ASME Engineering has supplied the highest quality of workmanship for the varied requirements of the construction and engineering industries. We design, manufacture and assemble on site every form of architectural steelwork, for either light or more industrial use. As well as producing steel to help construct a building’s framework, we can also design and fabricate attractive and functional architectural features such as stairs, balustrades, walkways, fencing, barriers, gates, balconies and mezzanine areas.

Data centres are the engine rooms of the digital economy, a key sector for ASME Engineering. ASME Engineering understand that Data Centre projects require each element to be analysed so there is no single point of weakness to compromise its operation and the confidentiality of location and design to be preserved. ASME Engineering appreciate the important role that steel plays in this respect, and have designed, fabricated and installed quality steel components for many purpose-built data centres, or those that have been converted from warehouse, industrial and office space. ASME Engineering also understand how to deliver these services within a tightly managed, confidential project.

ASME Engineering have proved expert in supplying and installing temporary steelwork for demolition projects, which often require very precise planning due to tight schedules, restricted space and building height. Increasingly, the external face of a building must be preserved either for its character or because it is listed. ASME Engineering’s design, fabrication and construction service for façade retention, heavy duty shoring and a range of temporary works can assist and enable any demolition project.