The Clock Tower, Baker Street, London

View as PDF The former Abbey National HQ, 1930 art deco building was to be demolished, with the condition the Clock Tower would be preserved.

ASME Engineering had the honour of being selected to undertake this project. Careful planning between ASME Engineering, architects and the demolition and scaffolding contractors was a key contributor to the success of this project.

The location meant working off one of the busiest streets in London, therefore consideration for pedestrians, traffic and nearby residents was paramount.

Working floor by floor and welding on site meant that as ASME Engineering installed steel propping on the 9th floor. The demolition crew followed on behind taking each floor down as ASME Engineering worked on the one beneath them. The pattern was repeated until completion. ASME Engineering completed the project within budget and on time.

Contract value:
The Clock Tower. Baker Street
5 Months
Clock Tower Clock Tower