Devonshire House

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ASME Engineering were awarded this design and build project within the very prestigious Devonshire House, situated in Londons Mayfair overlooking Green Park. Contracted to fabricate and install a bespoke elliptical walkway spanning 3 floors within the foyer of this building; ASME Engineering's many years of specialist construction knowledge and engineering experience were key to the success of this unique walkway. Design development was continually evolving throughout the build on this bespoke structure.

This project also required serious logistical planning to meet the constraints of a very tight programme. There were two main focal points of the planning process.

- The 8m curved ribs spanning the three floors of the elliptical walkway which were powder coated to a high architectural finish. These Ribs had to be protected for transporting to site; hoisted up manoeuvred into the building through the windows and installed carefully to avoid damage. Careful coordination between ASME Engineering and the Glass Contractor was vital to the success of this project.

- ASME Engineering fabricated and installed a Vierendeel Truss which spanned 3 floors. This truss was pivotal to the stability, functionality and aesthetics of the elliptical walkway.

Contract value:
1 Mayfair Place, London
6 months
devonshire house 1 devonshire house 2