Integrated Management System & Registrations

ASME Engineering plans, manages, reviews and improves all its work through an Integrated Management System. ASME Engineering has set out its key principles to support successful customer projects, operate in a sustainable way and stay current with emerging trends, legislation and requirements. The Integrated Management System aligns every element of the business behind this vision.

Having developed a proportionate, forward-thinking Management System tailored specifically to its needs, ASME Engineering eliminates much of the resistance or negativity that can arise from tasks that appears to exist without clear purpose. All management system mechanisms are clearly and closely aligned to an understood need and delivered with the minimum of bureaucracy. This also makes ASME Engineering particularly well-placed to respond to the requirements of its customer’s systems or those of their managing agents – every site’s procedures and controls are tailored to dovetail with those already working on the wider project. Having a single management system makes delivering these values simply ‘part of the job’ and allows the company to demonstrate its compliance to key external benchmarks.

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