• Free Champaign
Posted on 19th January 2019 by Kazi Nikita
Magic Mike - Hippodrome Project felt like a relay race competition I used to perform back in my school days. Along with monitoring and costing everyday changes, I also had to source and tie all the different specialist sub-contractors in the race and hand over the baton to Eugen Dinu (Senior Project Manager) who, together with his team, finally executed the project by working day and night shifts (Well done to the ASME Site team). Our design/draughting and factory team also did a brilliant job from modelling, to producing the support steelworks plus the beautiful antique balustrade and the dance floor. I did not want to miss the opportunity to see one of the live shows after all the hard work we had put in to completing the project. A big thank you to Eugen for arranging our attendance at one of the shows. To be honest, I was mostly taking pictures and observing the works we had done rather than checking out the men who were performing. It was fascinating to watch the men holding our glass balustrade and dancing and running along the floor we had built. 
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